Falling In Love With Colombian Food in Rhode Island


I traveled to the beautiful state of Rhode Island recently.  There I was introduced to Colombian food. It was a mouthwatering experience that I wont soon forget.  I had the pleasure of visiting a little spot called Capricho’s Antioquenos Bakery & Restaurant. This cute little corner store fits right into the New England building vibe on the outside.  Once you get on the inside you step into a quaint little cafe style restaurant.  It’s small but there is plenty of comfortable seating if you want to eat in.  Most people walked directly to the counter and ordered carry out.  According to their website they have been serving authentic Colombian food for over 25 years! The prices in this place are great for less than $20 you can easily feed 3 people and have left overs.  It all looked and smelled so good that I decided to just give everything a try!

Colombian Food in Rhode Island

Panas (Breads)


Fried Cheese Ball


Arepa De Chocolo

Sweet Corn Cake with melted Butter and fresh Colombian cheese


The Bunuelos and the Arepas De Chocolo were my absolute favorite things to consume out of this whole shabang.  Bunuelos is like heavenly bread in a perfectly shaped fried ball.  The outer shell is slightly crisp with a fluffy sweet bread interior. Don’t get just one of these.  Get five of them.  They reheat very well in the microwave.

Arepas De Chocolo  is mouth watering goodness.  It’s a cross between hot water cornbread and a pancake.  Sweet, crispy edges, doughy middle saturated with melted butter and topped with Colombian cheese.

Frituras (Fried Treats)

Pastel De Pollo

Grinded corn cake filled with chicken, scallions  and tomatoes.

Papa De Pollo

Potato and chicken ball fried in a light flour batter


Smoked Fried Pork Belly


Colombian Pork Sausage

I ate here every day while visiting Rhode Island.  The perfect breakfast for me consisted of Arepas De Chocolo, Chorizo, Plantain and Cafe con Leche ( Coffee with Milk). I wish I could eat this every day!  And for dinner: Bunuelos, Papa De Pollo, Pastel De Pollo and Chicarron.

Pasteles De Hojaldre (Puff Pastries)

Pastel De Arequipe

Puff Pastry filled with caramel


Puff pastry filled with cream cheese and sugar, brushed with a thin coat of honey.

There were so many choices with it came to Pasteles De Hojaldre.  I chose the Pastel De Arequipe and the Quesitos.  Each were light, crispy and fluffy on the outside and sweet on the inside.

As mentioned earlier, I had the Cafe con Leche ( Coffee with Milk). This already sweetened and creamed coffee drink was a real treat for a coffee lover like me.

Now look, this food does NOTHING for your hips.  There is Pork here.  There is Beef here.  There is real cheeses, breads and good delicious fried treats for those times when you want to indulge!  I have yet to find a restaurant that offers this selection here in Atlanta, so if you know of any place, please let me know.  In the meantime, if you’re ever in Pawtucket, Rhode Island go check Capricho’s Antioquenos Bakery & Restaurant out!



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