Exclusive! Tyrese Gibson Talks Coca-Cola Pay It Forward, The Black Book and More!


It was my pleasure to talk to actor, singer, writer and philanthropist Tyrese Gibson.  Tyrese spoke on everything from his involvement in the Coca Cola Pay It Forward Program, his album, his book and much more.   We even got a short serenade which reminded me so much of his beginnings way back in the 90’s when he starred in his very first Coca Cola commercial.  Many of you may be too young to remember that but I’ll never forget it because I knew when I saw him back then that he would be a major star!

That being said, The Coca Cola Pay It Forward Program is a homecoming for Tyrese and it has been a long time coming.  He is not that same young man we saw singing about Coca Cola back in the day, he is a grown now, and returns as a key influencer to this program that will motivate and encourage kids from all over the country to dream and to reach their goals.

“Be a champion for yourself… “~Tyrese Gibson

He was very eager to go over the details of his involvement with Pay It Forward Program as well as his upcoming project.  He also works with other companies to bring exposure and money to students in need. When I asked him how he stays motivated with all of the things that he has going on he simply said, “I never stop believing.”  He went on to explain that he is a man of God and that he does not want to die without doing something significant to help others.  Therefore, he never stops working.  His main motivator is his ability to affect change in the world. He said that even though he appears to have it all he works to the point of depleting himself and has a burning desire inside to give back and to keep moving forward. Wow! Tyrese stands very firm in his beliefs and that was very apparent throughout the entire interview.

Here are 3 quotes that I took away from our conversation:

Don’t Worry About Staying In your Own Lane!   Be A Lane Creator

Stand For Yourself

Money Should Not Be Your Motivator



Tyrese was not shy at all when it came to discussing his upcoming project, The Black Book,  that will premiere Easter weekend.  The Black Book is a mini movie that will be released on Easter Sunday and Tyrese says to get ready for a true Resurrection of R&B.

The Black Book will include artists Tank and V. Bozeman (Veronica from Empire).  Here are the titles that you should look to be featured in this collab where Tyrese will also be making his directorial debut:  “You Can’t Break Me”, “Waiting On You”, “Prior To You”

We didn’t discuss this but you can also find Tyrese getting his co-host on in the hot new series with Rev Run called “It’s Not You It’s Men.”  You can also check out his latest album entitled Black Rose which is available on iTunes.

Listen, Im REAL biased when it comes to Tyrese.  I’ve always been a fan and always will be.  I fell in love with him when he first sang on that bus for Coca Cola and then again when he played “Jody” in the movie Baby Boy.  You can say what you want about him, but you best not do it in front of me. The proof is in the pudding as they say and you can see by his actions that he cares a lot about his community.  Interviewing him was so much fun and was really like talking to a homey.  Best wishes to you Tyrese Gibson on all of your current and upcoming projects.  I hope to meet you face to face this Summer when I cover the Coca Cola Pay It Forward Program here in Atlanta.

To find out more about The Coca Cola Pay It Forward Program and how you can nominate your teen Click Here


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