Everything You Need To Know About Crochet Braids Part 4: Give Your Hair A Break!


Teenagers love wearing their hair in protective styles because it gives them the ability to get up and go. Wearing protective hairstyles also can free up a chunk of their time to do more important things like arriving at school on time or enjoying social events with friends.

The purpose of wearing a protective hairstyles is to protect the ends of the hair from breakage by having them tucked away. Many teenagers are guilty of wearing protective styles back to back without giving their natural hair a rest. Like most repetitive activities, wearing hair in protective hairstyles can lose its effectiveness over time. Something that was once meant to be helpful is now causing the following problems due to overuse:

  • Tender and Sore Scalp
  • Thinning Hairline
  • Weak Natural Hair
  • Dry Hair
  • Breakage

It is imperative to take breaks in between wearing protective hairstyles to allow the hair time to recover from being put away for extended periods of time. Once a protective style is taken down, give hair a month to recover. Commit to a weekly or bi-weekly hair care regimen which includes using a Sulfate-Free Shampoo, deep moisturizing conditioner, cream or butter and seal in the moisture with the oil of your choice.  Seasonal Trims (four times a year) is also helpful for the overall health of natural hair.


Following these simple steps will combat against dry hair. Also, this would be the perfect time to introduce your teenager to low manipulation hairstyles.  Here are some examples:

2 N 1 hairstyles – Double Strand Twist can be worn one week and Twist Out week two.

Buns – Loose natural hair can be worn in a bun.

Ponytails – High or Low ponytails.

Curly Styles – with the use of Flex Rods which last for a week.

Wash N Go – Simply just that, wash and go.

There is nothing wrong with allowing your teenager to wear their hair in protective hairstyles. Simply follow the tips listed above to maintain a healthy year-long protective styling.

There are many low manipulation hairstyle options for your child.  Pinterest is the perfect place to find low manipulation hairstyle ideas.

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Keianna Johnson aka “KeeKeeAllNatural” is a certified Natural Hair Care, Braiding and Lock Technician. She was certified through Madam Walker’s Braids, Lockery & School. She is also the owner of Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Care Studio which specializing in natural hair care and braiding for children. She currently holds the position as Local Coordinator for the DMV Area for Ebraiding.net an organization geared towards uplifting the standards and professionalism of certified professionals in the braiding & natural hair Industry. KeeKee is a TRUE natural hair care advocate and she is also a blogger. You can find her beautiful work with children’s hairstyles featured in SANATA International Hair Braiding Magazine, MidWest Black Hair Magazine and Encore HD Hair Magazine.