Douglas Family Gold – Featuring Olympic Gymnast Gabrielle Douglas


Douglas Family Gold is Oxygen’s newest reality docu-series that follows gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas and her support system, which include matriarch Natalie Hawkins, sisters Arielle “Arie” Hawkins, Joyelle “Joy” Douglas, brother, Johnathan Douglas and grandmother Miss Carolyn Ford. This series chronicles their journey and sacrifices as Gabby heads back to the Olympic Games in Rio (2016) and attempts another history­ making performance.

Douglas Family Gold – Interview with Olympic Gymnast Gabrielle Douglas

I got a chance to speak with Ms. Gabby Douglas and her wonderful mom Natalie Hawkins on the phone last week. Gabby sounded so excited to talk about this show.  It was her sister Arielle’s idea to do the show.  You can tell that she leans on her mom and her family a lot for support.  She often refers back to her mom for answers when asked questions that she is not sure about.  With the theme of this show being what it is, it was very clear that God and family comes first in Gabrielle’s life.  She even gave us one of her fav scriptures:  2 Timothy 4:7 which talks about fighting the good fight. I asked Gabby Douglas how her mom’s influence on her life affects her career choices and decisions. She talked about how hard her mother fought for her and her siblings and how seeing that is really what influences her.  As a single mother, Natalie, makes sure that each of her children feel like they are her favorite.  She spreads herself around to make sure that she is involved in all of their activities.  Both Natalie and Gabby spoke about how their entire family sacrifices and supports Gabby’s career and how together they make all of this happen. Gabby said that without her family none of this is possible.  Even though her mom, Natalie is also her manager (Momager) she is still also mom.  When asked how being her manager affects their relationship, Natalie said that she feels like they flow together and work together well and that this role has enhanced their relationship as mother and daughter.

At 16, Gabrielle “Gabby” Douglas stunned the world in 2012 by becoming the first African American in history to win the USA team and individual all­ around gold medals at the Summer Olympics. Now 20, after a couple of years away from the sport, Gabby returns laser­ focused, more confident and doesn’t just want to be on the medal podium in Rio, she wants gold. Behind her meteoric rise was a family willing to sacrifice everything to help her accomplish her dreams.


This time, as Gabby trains tirelessly in Ohio with her grandmother by her side, the rest of the family keeps busy juggling Gabby’s business and their own lives back in California.  Her brother John is a standout athlete in track, while devoted sisters Arie and Joy are eager to blaze their own paths with “Momager” Natalie keeping this tight ­knit family in ­check. With Gabby’s dogged determination and her family’s unwavering support, this dream team proves that sometimes things are better the second time around.

“Gabby’s drive, motivation and perseverance encourages young women everywhere,” Rod Aissa, Executive Vice President of Original Programming and Development, Oxygen Media.

You can check out the official trailer for the show here

Douglas Family Gold premieres Wednesday, May 25th at 10p ET/PT on Oxygen.  For more information visit the official show site to see exclusive videos, photos and more.  Look for this hashtag on social media: #DouglasFamilyGold

Describe how you felt when Gabby won those gold medals at the Olympics in 2012?

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