Dealing With Eczema Naturally – Oils & Butters That Help

Dealing With Eczema Naturally

Eczema is a skin condition in which patches of skin become dry, rough and inflamed.  This causes itchy and broken skin that can become infected.  Eczema affects millions of people and there is no cure.  There are many irritants that can trigger this condition.  It can be triggered by certain foods, the weather, allergens, and even emotions like stress. These triggers will be different for each person.

My family has been plagued with eczema for generations.  For me summer heat and grass cause prickly patches on the back of my knees and in the corners of my elbows.  I deal with it most often when I am out tending to my garden in the Spring & Summer.  I also have outbreaks when I am really stressed out.  For my daughter her eczema exists in her scalp.  Any shampoos with harsh chemicals or loads of perfumes will set her scalp on fire.  I learned about her condition when she was  3 years old and that was pretty much what started me on our natural hair journey and also led to the creation of my own product Sistah Buttah.  When “The LittleChick” first started experiencing symptoms of an extremely dry scalp she would scratch her head until it bled.  Back before I had the knowledge that I have now I just continously oiled her scalp with hair grease.  Once she scratched until she had an open sore which became infected.  I have no pics from this period in her life because I didn’t have a camera and wasn’t into social media or natural hair back then, but let me tell you it was HORRIFIC.  Her hair fell out and huge bald patches began to appear throughout her tiny little head.  (Bald to the scalp) We visited 3 doctors before we finally got a working diagnosis. We were prescribed a very harsh antifungal shampoo at one point that seemed to heal her scalp but made it appear scaly and it stripped her hair of all of its natural oils which made it impossible to manage.  The prescription required me to wash her hair with this shampoo everyday.  (Have you seen my daughters hair?  No way it can be washed EVERY day!)  While acclimating myself within the natural hair social media world through Youtube I began to learn about how skincare products with alcohol and detergents can harm the skin and I became aware of natural oils and butters like Shea butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor oil, etc. and what they can do for your body and your skin naturally.


I found out that Shea Butter is rich in antioxidants and that it as anti inflammatory and healing properties.  And that Coconut oil that’s rich in vitamins that promote healing, combats itching and soothes skin.  Jojoba oil mimics the sebum that is produced naturally by our own skin and Castor oil can lock in moisture to irradicate dryness and speed up healing.  This list goes on!  I took everything that I learned and began working on a blend that I could make myself and use for my daughters hair, scalp and skin and Sistah Buttah was born.

I have eczema and the only thing I use for my skin is Sistah Buttah.  I have tried many other products but none of them gives me the results that Sistah Buttah does.  ~Ron M. (Georgia)

I cannot legally make any medical claims about Sistah Buttah.  All I can do is tell you what our customers (many who suffer from Eczema) have to say.  I can also provide you with a list of ingredients that exist in my product.  You can google them all yourself if you want google-proof of what they are and how they all work together to contribute to dealing with Eczema. You can even see some of the butters and oils mentioned earlier starting to show up as ingredients in major beauty brands.  But trust they are not using these ingredients in quantities that would make a difference to you.  We use it daily on our skin and hair.  My daughters scalp is healed and her hair… well you’ve all seen her natural hair.  Its long, thick, luscious and gorgeous. To see a FULL List of Sistah Buttah ingredients and their benefits Click Here

This is the best Shea Butter ever! My WHOLE family uses it.  Feet, elbows and it takes care of my eczema too! And I love the smell! ~ Adrian G., (Tennessee)


Sistah Buttah All Natural Shea Butter Blend contains 100% Raw Shea Butter PLUS 8 All Natural oils that work together to Protect, Heal and Nourish your skin and hair.

(Brotha Buttah is Sistah Buttah for men.  It contains a little extra to promote healing, protection and nourishment for issues that men have like ingrown facial hair, beard bumps, beard and moustache dryness, crusty feet and more!)

Sistah Buttah can be used on wet or dry skin. (Best if used right out of the shower to seal in moisture) It can also be used for the hair and scalp (Great for twisting and braiding).  Its ingredients are all natural.  It is not for consumption.  This product has not been tested on animals.  Do not use if you have a nut allergy.

Disclaimer:  Please do not use this post to replace any medical advice given.  Please see your doctor for proper diagnosis before using this or any product.  

What do you currently use to protect, nourish and heal your skin?

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