My Daughter’s Natural Hair Journey – A Stylists Perspective


Natural Hair Care is so much more meaningful to me than just being a professional hairstylist. It is a revolutionary, spiritual experience that has connected me on every level to the core of who I am as a Black woman. I believe that our natural hair journey is important as well.  For me, Ethnic hairstyles traditionally were viewed as wild and unruly; which was one of many reasons why for many years I disassociated myself from wearing “nappy” hair. I didn’t grow up wearing my hair in its natural state which is all the more reason why it is important to me that my two daughters gain a connection with their ethnic hair and culture while they are young. My mission is to show my daughter’s how amazingly beautiful and versatile their natural hair can be especially when healthy.

My Daughter’s Natural Hair Journey – A Stylists Perspective

Today’s post is all about my youngest daughter, Bree, how her natural hair journey began, and the steps I have taken to get her hair to where it is today.

When my sweet pea was born, she had no hair.


By the time she was born, I’d had four years of hands-on natural hair experience caring for my oldest daughter’s hair. During that period, I learned that it is imperative to establish a hair care regimen. I found that due to physical activities; children needed their hair shampooed, conditioned, moisturized and styled regularly. Bree’s natural hair journey began with regimen that started from a once a week plan and evolved with age to an every two weeks program.

The kinds of conditioners used on Bree’s hair also changed with time. When she was between the ages of infancy and two, I would choose a mild conditioner that didn’t have a whole lot of fragrance in hopes of preventing an allergic reaction. Shea Butter, til this day, has always been a preference of mine to apply to her hair.  I knew to avoid clogging my baby’s pores by not apply hair butter to her scalp. Grapeseed and Coconut Oil were my favorite natural oils to use on her scalp and hair. As I consistently worked this hair care regimen, I began to see my daughter’s hair grow.

Today, I use a combination of products on Bree’s hair. I have been using Koils by Nature: Refreshing Anti-Dandruff Hair & Scalp Cleanser, Ultra-Moisture Cocoaloe Deep Conditioner, and Moisturizing Shealoe Leave-In Conditioner, which is also a fantastic hair detangler. I use Shea Butter and Castor Oil. I do not like to use edge control on my daughter’s hair. If I have to use gel on her hair, I may occasionally use Eco Styling Gel because it is light and doesn’t weigh her hair down.

As far as hair styling options, til this day, I choose hairstyles that are cute and straightforward. Bree’s ends are trimmed when needed. I will be honest, length checks aren’t necessarily important to me as much as having healthy hair is, length checks are done maybe once a year.

To all the mommies reading this post, always remember you are capable of doing an excellent job at caring for your children hair. Don’t over analyze the process, just create a hair care regimen, follow the plan and watch the results from your consistent hair care and hair styling techniques. Every bit counts. If you are concerned about growth, remember, you are your child’s natural hair care advocate so you must remind your child that whether their hair is long or short, it is beautiful!

What has your child’s natural hair journey been like?

To learn more about Baltimore Stylist, Keianna Johnson check out her page at Diary of A Budding Hair Stylist

Keianna Johnson aka “KeeKeeAllNatural” is a certified Natural Hair Care, Braiding and Lock Technician. She was certified through Madam Walker’s Braids, Lockery & School. She is also the owner of Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Care Studio which specializing in natural hair care and braiding for children. She currently holds the position as Local Coordinator for the DMV Area for an organization geared towards uplifting the standards and professionalism of certified professionals in the braiding & natural hair Industry. KeeKee is a TRUE natural hair care advocate and she is also a blogger. You can find her beautiful work with children’s hairstyles featured in SANATA International Hair Braiding Magazine, MidWest Black Hair Magazine and Encore HD Hair Magazine.