Culinary Fight Fest – Atlanta #CulinaryFightClub


Culinary Fight Fest hit Atlanta and boy was it worth every single bite!  Culinary Fight Fest is a cooking competition between all of the previous Culinary Fight Club Winners.  Competitors and Winners from all across the nation come to strut their stuff bringing their best signature bites for us to judge.  These competitions take place all over the country but this time the focus was on the Southeastern Region of the United States. My media invite got me 2 Taster’s Choice tickets that included:

4 – Best Bite Chips

4 – Beer Tickets

12 – Chef Samples

The wine lover in me had to check out their wine offerings.  This was not included in my ticket but I also enjoyed a nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon by Motto Wines.


We had 2 hours to taste bites from 12 different chefs.  But they were more than just bites because each Chef gave you plenty to taste.  We were each given 4 wooden chips that were used for voting.  It is the voters choice that sends the top 4 chefs to the next round.

The focus of Culinary Fight Fest Atlanta was on Southeastern fare.  There was a lot of thick starches like grits and risotto and potatas bravas.  Seafood was a major part of a lot of the dishes.  We sampled Cajun Shrimp, Chilean Sea Bass, Lobster and scallops.  Every dish was savory and delicious.  It was hard to choose just four favorites.

I walked around and met each and every chef!  Check out the video to meet them and hear what they had to say!

Seared Scallops and Lamb Belly


Cajun Shrimp and Risotto



My personal favorite dish was the Beet infused deviled eggs


The Thirty Minute Ultimate Battle began after the top 4 chefs with the Best Bites were chosen.  These 4 chefs receive the mystery box  and had 30 minutes to create 4 plate ups to present to the elite judges panel!  This was a REAL Show down with fast acting chef’s who were all in it to win it!


The winner of this round wins the grand prize which was $2000 and BIG bragging rights!


This was an exciting event and there was so much food.  More importantly though everyone from the chefs, to the hosts, to the DJ had super high energy and made this event so much fun.  My husband and I ate way too much and we are looking forward to doing it all over again next time!

Up next Culinary Seafood Fight Fest – Atlanta.  Stay Tuned!

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