Creator of Savîle Premium Rumtini – From Hair Stylist to Premium Liquor Producer

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I had the pleasure of speaking to a phenomenal woman indeed.  Dee Tutt, the creator of Savîle Premium Rumtini, has an absolutely amazing story to tell about  her 30 year journey from hair stylist to premium liquor producer.

Savîle Premium Rumtini is a deliciously fruity cocktail that is both light and refreshing.  Served chilled or served over ice it takes you to the islands with one sip. Savîle combines premium rum and perfectly selected fruit flavors.  It is a Caribbean cocktail that takes no preparation.  Just open and pour. In fact, it is the 1st ready to drink Rumtini on the market! It also can be mixed and blended with other fruits and liquors to create new cocktails!My friends and I sampled this wonderful beverage and everyone said that exact same thing.  Where can I get more!?

Savîle is all natural, gluten free and a great alternative to wine.


Dee Tutt spent 30 years in the hair industry as a stylist.  She has lived everywhere from Chicago to Los Angeles to New York and even spent some time in Georgia during those years.  As she tells her story she is quick to point out that none of this was in her plan but that all of this was in God’s plan.  Many years ago she fell in love with Rum Punch that you get while on an island vacation, so she recreated it when she got home. What started as a drink that she made only for her friends on special occasion has turned into her purpose and her gift. Even though she knew nothing about the alcohol industry in the beginning she spent many years becoming an expert. She slowly perfected her recipe as she learned.  There were many ups and downs as she made her way. She had to create her own lane being one of few African-Americans in the production side of the Spirits Industry. She never gave up and now her premium beverage has distribution around the world! She has a background in business and enlists her family to help run her company.  Hers is a full circle story of perserverance and determination.  It was very interesting to hear about everything that she has learned along the way including the licensing, trademarking and government involvement that goes into bringing an alcoholic beverage to market.


More from my interview with Dee Tutt

What does Savîle mean and how did you choose that as the name?

Savîle is pronounced “Sah-vee-lay”. My daughter actually helped come up with the name.  Savile is a combination of 2 French words Saveur meaning “flavor” or “a taste” and lle meaning “island”.  Savile = a taste of the islands.


I really love the bottle.  It looks like an expensive wine bottle.  Did you choose that on purpose?

That bottle is actually a Bordeaux bottle.  I selected a black Bordeaux bottle for Savîle because it reflects that it is a premium beverage. Our bottles will be changing soon though.

(I guess I better keep mine as a collector’s item then)

Can we expect more flavors from Savîle in the future?

Yes we definitely plan on expansion.  We plan to bring more flavors and products.

Do you have International Distribution?

Yes and right now we have lots of interest for our product in China.


I really enjoyed speaking to this beautiful lady and wonderful spirit.  I am empowered by her story.   I look forward to meeting her face to face one day and to seeing Savîle available in Atlanta.

Right now Savîle Premium Rumtini is available for purchase in California and online through its many distributors.

To learn more about Savîle Click Here

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