Coping With Empty Nest Syndrome


Realizing that we are down to our last child and that our nest is getting emptier I am starting to experience anxiety.  To examine these feelings I find myself reflecting on who I am without my children.  I am now Coping With Empty Nest Syndrome

To you youngins who aren’t familiar with the term “Empty Nest Syndrome”  it’s basically what you go through with your house when all of your kids grow up and leave… an Empty Nest.  Coping with Empty Nest Syndrome is harder than it seems.  It can bring on feelings of anxiety, loneliness and depression depending on what your situation is.  I know, I know, we all pray for the day when all of our unruly kids grow up and move out but I’m telling you it is something to be appreciated while you can.  I cannot believe that I miss little things like: Tying shoes, Completely destroyed rooms, Unbearable noisiness, One Thousand questions daily and general rambunctiousness.  That is what you get when you have 4 boys and a baby girl running through.  I really do miss it.

With one child left we now experience things like peace, quietness and having food left when a meal is completed.  We do enjoy it but our baby girl is growing up and with that I realize that there is little time left so here is what I plan to do to start coping with Empty Nest Syndrome

Get Busy!

For so long my life has been centered around my children and their activities.  I remember missing many a week night soiree because I made my kids schedule a priority.  I will soon have more time to explore my own interests. I see more travel in my future.

Re Introduce Myself to My Husband.

I can’t remember the last time I had loud sex.  As soon as BabyGirl leaves, its on. #thatisall

Be completely present

Sure I can make a lot of plans for when my last child leaves.  But the fact of the matter is that she is not gone yet.  I will cherish every moment with her whether good or bad.  I will make sure to stay present and value every second with my last baby.

Utilize Technology

All of my sons live in different states.  Staying in touch with them is easy with technology.  For my family its FaceTime and Facebook Messenger.  With FaceTime I can see my sons and grandbaby face to face through video chat anytime I want.

Document My Journey

A great way to release any type of anxiety is to write about it.  There is something about releasing things through the written word that just works.  Stay tuned to as I use this platform to work my way through this.  As always thank you for reading <3

Are you dealing with Empty Nest Syndrome?  How are you coping?

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