5 Ways to KISS (Keep It Smooth & Sexy) with Sistah Buttah

There is nothing sexier and more romantic than touching supple, soft, moisturized skin.  It is through touch that we connect with our mates.  For amazingly beautiful skin you must nourish and protect it. Sistah Buttah All Natural Shea Butter blend is an known product for hair, but its also great for the skin.  With its all natural soothing and healing ingredients it does more than just make your skin shine.  You can also KISS with it.

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Top 10 MUST HAVE Natural Hair Products (For My Kid)


I have tried a LOT of products on my natural hair since I went natural in 2006.  My daughter, however, is a different story.  Since she suffers from eczema, dry and itchy scalp I am very careful about what I put on her scalp and her natural hair.  She has been natural since birth.  I … Read more

The Hair Journey Continues!!

Wow! My hair journey has been kicked into high gear! Not only have i been able to test and review several new products, but I am learning about what ingredients to look for in certain products and which ones are important for healthy hair (No Petroleum, No Cones, No Sulfates!). Some of the techniques that … Read more