Black Restaurant Week Atlanta – NOSH Event

​This post was written by a guest blogger.
The NOSH event was the kick off to the final weekend of Black Restaurant Week in Atlanta! NOSH is a culinary showcase of best bites featuring the top caterers and chefs in the Atlanta area.  It was hosted at 595 North near West Midtown and sponsored by Verizon. The venue that was selected for Black Restaurant Week – NOSH, was absolutely beautiful! Upon walking in we were greeted warmly by Ronnika of IGNPR we were happy to be filling in for our amazing friend and partner-in-wine,  Stacey Taylor “The SistahChick”.
At our first stop we had crab mac n’ cheese, a selection of fruit and herb infused tea and lemonade. The best part was that the Chef created this in the palm of of Justin’s hand!
We loved that he focused on the art of food! It was super cool to witness him art 1 st hand! Blackberry whipped cream and a real fig! Ahhhh-mazing!
The next highlight of our night was being selected for Seat 1! While we were making our rounds and visiting the different chefs tables, we were able to find a great table near the front of the room.  From here we could see everything including the live demonstrations that were taking place on stage! My husband Justin left our table and when he returned he had a card that said, “Seating One”.  I had no idea what it meant until the host began to call all guest with the cards to the stage! What a treat that we were seated on the stage!
Having no idea what was going on we were blessed to enjoy a fully vegan meal prepared by  a princess from Ghana who has prepared for celebrities like Whitney Houston!
She began with a Hebrew prayer and then began showing all the dishes she had prepared meat and dairy free! This was vegan soul food! We experienced collard greens, BBQ ribs, mac n’ cheese, veggie burgers, country fried steak, and much more! I must say as a “not yet vegan’ or almost vegetarian the food was super yummy! Adjust your palate for better health! I’m just saying!
Finally, our favorite, FREEZE CREAM! No, I’m exactly right its freeze cream not ice cream! This handmade vegan safe solution to ice cream! We tried the strawberry (our favorite) and oreo options! It was delicious and  you can choose from soy milk or coconut milk to make your freeze cream. The fresh strawberries were second to none!  Think Coldstone, vegan and freeze plate and you will totally get it! These young guys had so much energy! They both attribute it to the delicious freeze cream they make! These guys are based in Helen, Georgia, which is fine with me as Stacey, Justin and I are always down for a short road trip to Georgia’s Wine Country!
We had an amazing time at Black Restaurant Week – NOSH Event and hope to return next year!
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