5 Ways to Prevent Dryness and Retain Moisture for Your Natural Hair (Winter Hair Care)


This humidity free, dry Winter air can literally kill your natural hair!  The air can make it dry and very brittle, which causes it to be prone to breakage.  Since there is typically less moisture in the air in the Fall and Winter months your hair’s ability to retain moisture could be affected during these times.  If you are anything like most of us naturals, then you may have a different regimen for the Winter months, than you did in the Summer.  Here are 5 ways to help you to retain moisture and prevent dryness during the winter months.


Protective Styling

Protective styling is when you use hair styles that actually protect your hair.  There are a variety of ways you can do this naturally with twists and braid styles.  You can even add flair by adding hair for longer more manageable creations.  By maintaining your scalp and using a leave in conditioning spray of your choosing to hydrate your hair through the braids you  can maintain moisture by protecting your tresses from cold temps, dry air and harsh winds. (But be careful with protective styles and braids that are too tight)

Co Washing

Co washing is when you skip shampooing and use a conditioner in it’s place.  The idea behind this is to leave some of the natural oils in your hair instead of stripping them all the way out which can happen depending on what kind of shampoo you are using.  If you are not a fan of the co wash you can try using a sulfate free shampoo.  This method helps your hair to keep its natural oils which will keep it soft, shiny and moist looking in between washes.


Sealing in Moisture

Use natural oils and butters (Shea, coconut, jojoba) to seal the moisture into your hair strands and follicles.  Apply your favorite oil directly to your hair after each wash to help to retain some of that moisture.  A really good way to do this is to wash, apply oil then allow the hair to dry naturally with twists or braids.  If you don’t have time to air dry, sit under a dryer. Try using Sistah Buttah to twist your hair with every night and sleep with the twists in.   Your hair will come out very moisturized, defined and soft the next day.  This can also enhance your curl pattern.

Stay away from heat and chemicals

I love hair color but like any chemical process it can cause major dryness.  Excessive heat is another way to draw moisture from your hair.  Flat ironed hair looks pretty but it can cause major damage if not done and managed correctly.  Make sure that your hair is deep conditioned and that the irons are not too hot.  The same thing applies to blow drying.  Be careful with the temperatures especially in the Winter!


Drink Water

Period.  Drink it.  Water does amazing things to our hair AND skin when it is consumed properly.

These are 5 simple tips that can help to maintain moisture and prevent dryness when it comes to your natural hair and Winter weather. Remember broken and damaged hair cannot be repaired so we must protect it.  Keep this in mind always.  Also consider your scalp.  It is the ground from which your beautiful hair grows.  Pay attention to it and take care of it.  Scalp dryness can be easily remedied on your own or with the help of a professional.  No matter if you are natural or relaxed moisture is always the key to incredible looking hair.

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What are some of your tried and true methods for retaining moisture and preventing dryness for your natural hair?

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