5 Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick


Every year New Year millions upon millions of people sit down and decide what their New Year’s Resolutions are gonna be.  New Year’s resolutions are tasks, in my opinion, that we set ourselves up for failure for while trying to achieve them every year.

The Top 5 Resolutions for 2017


Lose Weight

Getting Organized

Spend Less, Save More

Enjoy Life to the Fullest

Stay Fit & Healthy

Too many people wait until the new year to make changes that should be made throughout the year.  We all start off the same way… really eager at first, but after a few weeks when it’s not really happening for us, we get discouraged.  The let-down causes stress, which makes us rebel for the rest of the year.  So, instead of waiting until the New Year every year and bombarding yourself with so many lofty goals.  Why not make smaller goals throughout the year.

I don’t know what the statistics are for how many people fail miserably at their resolution every year but I wish I did.  If you insist on making these resolutions, here are 5 Ways To Make Your New Years Resolutions Stick!

Don’t keep making the same resolution.

If you are making the same resolutions year after year, and continuously failing, why not move on? Break your ideas and aspirations down into something more realistic.  Take it day by day and step by step instead of trying to conquer it all at once.

Don’t make impossible resolutions.

If you plan to lose 100 lbs in 2017, but have made no real planning regarding meals, fitness and figuring out what made you eat so much in the first place then you are going to fail by February.  Be realistic and instead say (for instance) that you are going to be healthier in 2017 and then plan to be healthier.

Keep your resolutions to yourself OR tell everyone.

This is a double edge sword right here.  If you keep it to yourself, you don’t have to worry about disappointing anyone if you fail.  However, if you tell a lot of people then you will have a lot of people holding you accountable for your actions which could help to motivate you.  Choose what is right for you and what you need.


The person that resolves to save money during 2017 but makes no effort to plan on how they are going to do that, will fail.  Its that simple. Don’t just make the resolution, be deliberate about the planning and you just may be more successful.

Don’t be discouraged if you fail

Make sure that you are not giving up on yourself.  Just because you didn’t make your goal does not mean that you have to give up on it completely.  Breathe and try again, one step at a time.

I am not saying that all of you will automatically fail.  There are some super focused individuals who are dead set on making their resolutions happen and they do, but let’s be realistic, most of us are not those kind of people.  That being said, choose wisely on what you will decide to do for the New Year.  If you see changes that need to be made throughout the year then make any day New Year’s Day and start right there where you stand.  Let January 1st be just what it is, a date on the calendar.  Remember to Stay Renewed & Aware ALL year & your resolutions will get much easier.  Happy New Year!

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution?

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