5 Ways to KISS (Keep It Smooth & Sexy) with Sistah Buttah

There is nothing sexier and more romantic than touching supple, soft, moisturized skin.  It is through touch that we connect with our mates.  For amazingly beautiful skin you must nourish and protect it. Sistah Buttah All Natural Shea Butter blend is an known product for hair, but its also great for the skin.  With its all natural soothing and healing ingredients it does more than just make your skin shine.  You can also KISS with it.  KISS stands for Keep It Smooth & Sexy and Sistah Buttah is just what you need to do so.  Here are  5 Ways you can use Sistah Buttah to Keep Your Skin Smooth & Sexy.


Keep It Smooth & Sexy

Activate Sistah Buttah/Brotha Buttah by simply applying some to your hands and rubbing them together.  
It is now ready to use for:

Back Massages

With ingredients like Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Olive Oil Sistah Buttah will melt to the touch of a warm hand.  Use those warm hands to massage your mates back.

Foot Rubs

Find those pressure points and soothe dry cracked skin at the same time with an amazing foot rub using Sistah Buttah.  Pay special attention to each toe.

After Shower Skin Moisturizer

While the skin is still wet apply Sistah Buttah or Brotha Buttah and watch your skin glisten.  Have your mate apply it to those areas that you can’t reach.

Kissable Lips

Apply Sistah Buttah to your lips and kiss your mate.  It’s aromatic scent will remind them of you all day.

Hair Follicle Activator

Ladies, rub Brotha Buttah into his beard to make it smell great and to soften.  The lavender and peppermint oils work together to stimulate the hair follicles.  The light male fragrance will make you want to smell him all night.
By Keeping Your Skin Smooth & Sexy You Can Turn EVERY Night Into a KISS night with Sistah Buttah & Brotha Buttah.

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