5 Easy to Grow Herbs For Your Every Day Garden


Growing herbs is so easy.  If you love fresh herbs and like to save money then you are going to want to read this.  There are 5 Easy To Grow herbs that I grow every spring.  There are many reasons why I chose these specific herbs.  I grow them because I love the way they smell.  I love the way they look.  I love that way they taste.  Most importantly they are easy to grow herbs!

5 Easy to Grow Herbs


I am currently growing mint and peppermint in pots.  This tasty easy to grow herb is a staple in my kitchen.  I like to put it in everything from beverages to dishes.  It’s so easy to grow and even easier to propagate.  These herbs grow like weeds.  If you plant it in the ground you will have to be careful that it does not grow wild and become uncontrollable.


Fresh mint of any kind can be added to cocktails as a garnish or muddled for flavor.  It comes in many varieties.  It is delicious chopped over fresh watermelon.  It is also great along with some of the other herbs for infused water.  It’s uses are endless.  I have a pot of this growing right outside my front door.  It gives off a lovely fragrance that hits my nostrils as soon as I step out everyday.  Mint has big beautiful green leaves and its very pretty in the sunlight.   Most folks don’t even know that my outdoor potted plants are actually herbs that I eat.  They look so pretty.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm looks exactly like regular mint.  It looks so similar in fact that you have to smell it to distinguish one from the other.  Much like mint it grows like a weed and will get rampant if you don’t control it.  Lemon Balm is great for use on poultry and fish dishes. You can also muddle it for use in Mojitos or any cocktails.  If you want to boost your breath you can snap off a leaf and chew on it.  Its an instant all natural breath freshener.


The sky is the limit with this herb. When infused in water it can help with indigestion.    I have a pot of this sitting on my porch stairs.  It grows bushy and makes a pretty pot.

Lemon Thyme

Lemon Thyme is the most wonderful of herbs.  It’s an easy to grow herb and it grows so abundantly in the ground and in a pot.  (Are you starting to see a pattern here?)


Each herb that I have named so far grows abundantly with little or no maintenance.  Lemon thyme grows like regular thyme.  It gives off a lemony scent upon touch.  It tastes spicy like lemon pepper maybe? and it is PERFECT for fish or seafood dishes.  Break a few sprigs off and add it to your water for a nice infusion.  The tiny little leaves are invisible when added to a salad but give off a big burst of flavor.


What can I say about Rosemary that you don’t already know?  It is a piney looking plant that gives off a strong fragrance with the slightest touch.


It is SO much more powerful when used fresh than dried so you have to be careful so that it doesn’t over power when adding it to your dish. It is wonderful for soups and stews.  It is even better in Gumbo.  I have this sitting in a big pot on a stand next to my favorite chair on my porch.  It has been said that smelling rosemary every day will increase your memory.  I don’t know if thats true or not but if it is I will never forget a thing because I smell my Rosemary every single morning! I love to make Rosemary infused Olive Oil.  Maybe I will share that technique in another post.


Basil is one of the first herbs that I learned to grow and propagate.  I use it in everything including my morning eggs, soups, fish, gumbo, etc.  I dry it.  I freeze it.  I make pesto bars out of it.  You name it!  It is the perfect all purpose herb.  I grow it in several big pots.  I always grow enough to last my family through the Winter.


I prefer the Sweet Basil.  I have grown it from seed as well as purchased seedlings.  Nothing grows faster!  Nothing is more fragrant than this plant right here. It’s strong flavor is even more potent when its fresh.  Basil is one of those plants that will grow indoors and outdoors.  Use to add a spicy bite to a sandwich. Toss a handful in a pot of water to steep for tea.  Drink the tea if you have an upset stomach or even if you just don’t feel 100 and it will give you all that you need.  You can infuse water and oil with Basil.  The results will be great every time.

The beauty of growing these herbs yourself is that you will get an endless FREE supply.  The benefit is fresh healthy food to eat.  The icing on the cake is that these herbs are all so pretty that they can add to the curb appeal of any yard.  If these are not your favorite, pick your own herbs and try to grow them.  All of the above grows easy from seed but you can also pick them up as a baby seedlings from your local garden center.  You can enjoy them indoors on your window sill all Winter.  Throw them all together and simmer for a lovely air freshener.  All can be used fresh picked off the plant and you can also dry and freeze it which I will get into later.  With a little propagation practice you can buy one plant and never have to buy another!


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