3 Tips to Help Combat Dry Skin & Dry Hair


Temperatures are dropping and so are the humidity levels.  This causes DRY Skin and DRY Hair.  If you are a person that constantly deals with dry, ashy skin and or brittle, dull hair especially when the temperature drops or the atmosphere changes, then you are going to want to read this so you can learn how to combat dry skin and hair.

Learning how to combat dry skin and hair is not as complicated as it seems.  There are no rigorous processes or rules to follow at all.  In fact its a pretty simple.  Here are

3 Tips To Help You Combat Dry Skin and Hair

The First Step is Easy.  Drink Water.

See?  Not complicated at all.  Drinking water not only contributes to hydrated skin and hair but it also helps to flush toxins out of your system for better over all health and beauty.  Try it! (If you have a problem drinking water try infusing it with your favorite fruit)

Steps 2 and 3 Go together.  Protect and Nourish.

Protect:  Our skin needs to be protected from a lot of things that cause dryness.  Sun rays are one. Using products that can protect you in the sun will also help to promote healthy skin. Ingredients like Shea Butter contain natural SPF for skin protection. By sealing in moisture you are also helping to hydrate your skin and hair.  The process for both are the same.  While the hair and/or skin is wet, use a trusted product that contains natural butters and oils, and no harsh chemicals to seal in moisture.

Nourish:  The skin also has to be nourished.  Using a product that absorbs instead of one that coats can make all the difference.  Products that contain petroleum jelly do nothing to nourish the skin because petroleum jelly only coats and actually prevents absorption.  Look for products that contain jojoba oil which mimics the natural oil in our skin and therefore absorbs.


Sistah Buttah All Natural Shea Butter Blend contains 100% Raw Shea Butter PLUS 8 All Natural oils that work to Protect and Nourish your skin and hair.  Pair this product with the appropriate daily supply of water and watch your skin and life change for the better!

(Brotha Buttah is Sistah Buttah for men.  It contains a little extra to promote healing, protection and nourishment for issues that men have like ingrown facial hair, beard bumps, beard and moustache dryness, crusty feet and more!)

What do you currently use to protect and nourish your skin and hair?

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