2017 World Natural Hair Show – Meeting Keianna Johnson!


Atlanta is known for it’s hair shows and it’s natural hair community.  The annual Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair show is a staple in Atlanta’s culture.  Twice a year Naturalistas from all over the world flock to Atlanta to experience this event.

World Natural Hair Show – Meeting Keianna Johnson

This year’s show was extra special to me.  I’ve been attending the World Natural Hair Show every year for over a decade.  I have covered this event many times for this blog. But this year… this year I made an appearance at the show for one reason only and that was to meet Mrs. Keianna Johnson.  Keianna Johnson is a writer for TheSistahCafe.com and a long time contributor to Our Natural Kids.  Keianna is a Maryland based stylist and owner of Chi Chi Sophistication Kids Natural Hair Studio where she specializes in natural hair care for children.  You can read more about this phenomenal woman here:  Sistah Spotlight:  Keianna Johnson.

For the last 7 years Keianna and I have corresponded with one another virtually.  We have had many phone calls, video chats and conference calls and have collaborated on many things, but we had never met face to face until now.  This isn’t our first attempt at meeting either!  I tried to meet her in 2015 when I was in Baltimore for a conference but it just wasn’t our time.

As soon as I entered the hair show I immediately looked for her! And when I found her it was like meeting a long lost sister!  Keianna was so warm and sweet I just could not stop hugging her.  We walked the show together and laughed and talked as if we were old friends. (Well we are!)

It was an honor and a pleasure to meet Keianna Johnson.  It is amazing to me how God put us, two strangers, together to build something beautiful.  I am thankful every day that I finally got to meet this wonderful woman (and her family too! Heeey Nick and NaKisha!)

Oh and the hair show was fun too!  I got to see so many of my favorite people like Cherie Huff (@nappyrutz) and Jeanell of Moisture Love!


Thank you to Taliah Waajid’s World Natural Hair show for providing a common ground space for us to meet

You can check out some of Keianna’s writing here at TheSistahCafe.com

You can also check her out on DiaryOfABuddingHairSylist.com and on Facebook as ChiChi Sophistication Kids Natural Hair Studio.

Have you ever attended a hair show in Atlanta?



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