10 Reasons Why You Should Plant A Garden


Spring is finally here!  Well not officially but close enough.  For people who garden this means its time to get ready for a brand new season of gardening!  Whether you want to grow flowers, veggies, or fruit Spring is when you get planting.  It is my personal opinion that EVERY one should be growing something.   Even if its just a house plant.  Planting seeds and growing things connect us to the earth.  If you don’t have a garden now is a good time to start one.  There are SO many reasons that I could give you on why you should plant a garden but I won’t bore you with them all.  Just the top 10.

10 Reasons Why You Should Plant a Garden

1. Its Easy

Seriously.  Seed.  Dirt.  Sun.  Water.  Nothing is easier than that.

2. It does not cost a lot of money

Seeds are less than a dollar a pack.  Each pack (depending on what your growing) contains 50 or more seeds.  Do the Math.

3.  You will reap benefits.

When you plant a seed.  The seed grows and eventually it will produce something for you.  It could be a vegetable, a fruit, a fragrance or a pretty flower.  You are going to benefit.


4. It will beautify your area

Got an ugly yard? Missing grass?  Bare looking patio/deck? Plant flowers or vegetables there.  It will look lush and pretty.

5.  You are helping the environment

When you plant a seed you are helping our eco system which helps the environment.

6.  People will think that you are environmentally conscious

Want to get some great pics for the gram AND appear environmentally conscious at the same time? Grow something.

7.  People will think you are cool

Millennials listen up.  If you want to be cool grow something.  Grow it and show your friends when they come over.

8.  You will influence others

Nothing influences more than produce.  Giving your friends or neighbors endless baskets of fruits and vegetables encourages them to do the same.

9.  Food tastes better with fresh herbs

What’s your favorite vegetable or herb? Grow that and then eat it.  Your taste buds will thank you.

10. Fresh. pesticide free fruits and veggies ALL year.

Depending on what growing zone you are in, you may be able to plant and harvest all year. Once you enjoy the taste of a freshly picked vegetable you will never go back to store bought.

ok 11.  It will make you happy


There is something so eternally satisfying about planting a seed, nurturing it and then watching it grow.  It is a peace that I cannot describe.  It’s like a constant exhale when I am in my garden.  Here is a video of some of what I grew last year.


Don’t tell me that you don’t have the space because you can do a cotainer garden right on your deck or balcony.  Dont tell me you dont have time.  Make time.  As a matter of fact don’tsay nothing to me unless its, “Hey. Sistah/Stacey… Guess what I’m growing?”

If you have questions on what to grow or how to get started, join my Facebook group Urban Gardeners United.  We are a ragtag bunch of newbie gardeners who have found out the pleasures that lie with making something grow.

Do you have a garden?  If so, what are you growing?

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